Finale of an Endless Beginning

by Nick Nicewonder

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released November 17, 2011

Nick Nicewonder- Vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, noises
Alex Thompson- Vocals, album artwork



all rights reserved


Nick Nicewonder Abingdon, Virginia

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Track Name: The Tunnel
My last thought:
Those two mirrors that always reflected my head.
They recall and recollect,
brace for contact, then connect.
But, for all of this energy,
I can't help but forget.

And the worst part is we don't know.
And it's useless because we can't care.
And it's beautiful, and it's beautiful.
And it's sickening, and it's sickening.
And we're awestruck, and I'm losing it.
And we're reborn, and I've lost it for good.
Track Name: The Million Dollar Question
I'm intrigued by the back of my mind.
I've reached so far, but it's still undefined.
And if i don't grasp it soon,
I am sure I won't recover.

Then my head came undone,
and you centered the sun,
then got too close.
And like that, it'd begun;
the end as unjustified as the beginning.

Dust sits still,
and the moon stays put.
No change ever comes,
so it's understood
that all of these thoughts
are meant to be here
Track Name: The Lost Track of Time
I focused my thoughts on a dog that ran out of sight because I needed something to remember this by. If I can picture its head out of the window, then I can keep my eyes on other's eyes, and you can keep yours through mine.
And you can try to search for my purpose. And you can open arms, and take in my blues and yellows. Because that's all I want today. Your green is all I want today.
Track Name: The Apple of Your Eye
I'm sorry I killed you when I did.
It was child's play,
and I know you aren't worried, and you shouldn't be.
And I know you'll move on eventually.
But movement is a sign of what your thoughts are invested in.
So, in some way, I did you some good.

Green is your favorite color,
and green is the apple of your eye.
And we'll grow, and we'll go on to be monumental;
frozen, but never truly old.
Track Name: The Light
This land that I lie in is the one where you lie too.
We'll see the colors of this world until our rest is through.
We'll stay here, though our bodies may never move.
But the landscape will change, and the fire that burns will too.

Your wind and my wind will knock the same trees down,
and above all else,
our seas will see that the same hills down.
You say we'll reinvent shades.
I say say we'll feel the same sweet sounds.