Thoughts Before and After

by Nick Nicewonder

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released July 9, 2011



all rights reserved


Nick Nicewonder Abingdon, Virginia

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Track Name: Madness of Liberation
Like a horse, overworked,
who has done its job,
I fall to my knees.
I've overstayed my welcome,
free to do as I please.
But never knowing more than my stables and field,
madness of liberation takes hold.

(Where did my reins go? I'm moving too fast and out of control.)

The wind, so subtle,
whispered in my ear,
"Breathe me in so others can hear."
But as if I was speaking in tongues,
they all thought I was crazy before I had even begun.
Track Name: Guaranteed Enlightenment
Racing off a cliff,
we scream as if it's a game.
We drive faster,
but the recklessness is of little observation.

We understand,
but avoid the experience.
What past? No future.
But the passion is an art,
and a risk that I'd love to take.

Brutal and forgetful,
giving up and giving in.
Some were allowed but others left.
Just don't fall.
Track Name: Speaking Volumes
This unsupported bookshelf,
a collection beyond any meaning of the word,
a hectic education,
growing rapid through the years.
I had to find it,
but it wasn't there.

No author could grasp it,
so i tried to write it myself.
But it's more than paper;
it didn't fit in the lines.
So i crumpled it up,
and set it on fire.

The smoke gave way to new thoughts,
bigger than me, bigger than you.
But they're there.