Ghost Fish

by Nick Nicewonder

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released May 16, 2014

Alex Thompson (Constant Source of Inspiration)
Logan Hunt (Album Artwork)
Pat Stephenson (Cello on John's Song and Hibernation/You Home)
Lauralee Yeary (Trumpet on Hibernation/You Home)
JT Taylor (Drums on John's Song and The Current)
John Wallace (Guitar and Vocals on John's Song)
Ryan Hoss (Vocals on Hibernation/You Home)
Logan Whiles (Guitar on Hibernation/You Home)
Graham Reid (Assistant Engineer on The Current and Hibernation/You Home)
Marc Spiegal (Assistant Engineer on A Constant Place)



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Nick Nicewonder Abingdon, Virginia

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Track Name: Priceless Piece of Art
I can trace time back
to a chewed-up cigarette
I tried to steal for a priceless piece of art
I spent all night
headed in the wrong direction
But when I found home
I was assured it was a start

We bonded over war and competition in the basement
Where I found myself thinking about what the placement
of your body implied
Track Name: Ghost Fish
Do you remember when you thought
You were a demon
And as we drove you got
Curious looks from passing cars
While you thought yourself possessed
I thought you an alien
Because I knew you were different
And I knew you weren't demonic
Maybe you're just haunted
Me, I'm just a grave
Track Name: John's Song
Phantoms spark my interest
for reasons more spotless than your shimmer
your new clothes will fit you just right
fight falling fields of dresses
and let go of your faults
slip under the ocean
where you found your way
before dying and turning into a fixation

our similarities share a room
while our disagreements sit outside
and face separate corners
pretending walls make it easier to form a common space

Now you tell me
it's easier to fall into the sea
than to die from trying not to forget
what you experienced
and try flowing once more
Track Name: You House
You were singed pretty bad
when your chimney caught fire
and when i smelled smoke
i ran up the stairs
you lost all your hopes and desire
and let the ashes blow through your hair
and all my efforts at cleaning and searching
for anyone who cares
was over and done with too soon

Then we learned
to live for ourselves and stay full
of heavy words i say in our home
that we built with these primitive tools
we learned to use when we were alone
Track Name: The Current
Sometimes I have to remind myself
That at a certain point
In a present time ahead
You're only real in days like these
I laugh because we laughed
And I smile because we smiled
And we made each other ourselves

I would have never known the light
without feeling the dark
and I don't know what heaven's like
now that death has lost its spark
Track Name: Useful Ocean
Woven in reach
and drenched in fountains
running cold and seamlessly
let's go to horizon
home of sandy shores, home of sandy shores
lost in your head
done with truth, down with clouds

Pull the drain on the ocean
and pour it on the fire
fill your stomach with rocks
so you don't have to think about eating
make better use of your hunger
it'd be better to feel something inside
Track Name: Hibernation/You Home
We came out of hibernation in a new light
You did it for your own reasons
I did it 'cause I was cold
But we warmed up
And we built your house
And we made it a home
Settle in and let the house move with you

I dreamed of you for months and miles
So easily it worked so well
When I missed a night I was alone with no future
So easily it works so well
I found reality resolved the dreams
So easily we work so well
And I found a home for us to escape ourselves
Track Name: A Constant Place
I bought you a drawing of a coke can
for your birthday
and i sat with you in so many illegal places
and we smiled at the art center where i would pick you up
i never fully grasped that movie we played so often

But I got to be you for awhile
and you could be me
i never thought it really mattered

i wore your tie-dyed socks where i felt at home
and we rubbed our elbows raw
for the fun of it
and we kept the photo store in business
with pictures of you and pictures of me
and pictures of us and pictures of everything

i'll always be here where i kissed you
and pushed my face against your collar bone
if we can be here
i never have to think up an ending