Machu Picchu

by Nick Nicewonder

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released October 3, 2012

Ryan Hoss- vocals



all rights reserved


Nick Nicewonder Abingdon, Virginia

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Track Name: Proclivity
You reinvented a place I made out of fire
You immersed it with water so smoke could go higher
then we floated for awhile until I felt a bit lighter.
And then I took a look around to take in what you had just done.

There was something of a lake
and we were something of a dock
We road our own wake
and waited for the clock to tell the proper time
to begin our small talk

We ignored it when it rang
and we ignore it when it rings
Track Name: Dote
My skin lays low beneath the nightfall
running from well-deserved rulings
and impatient decisions
These shoes never fit
so escape was never fitting
But the blue sky and the green trees
promised by the moon
moved me more than these muscles ever could

When my skin gets tired
I know I've found forgiveness
My passive behavior actively draws back the light
Track Name: Desire
I promise to love you
every wink and cringe of the cheek
each laugh and every time I refuse to sing
my shoulders shake and I can't predict the future on no sleep
just promise to sleep for me

I hear if I have an issue staying awake
I'm an insomniac
but who really believes that
I need more tie-dyed socks, I need you voice
I love your noise, and typical lack thereof
Dreamt and perfection

I couldn't leave you
because you're everything,
dark and light
and I can only sleep when you're around

Knees, sister, brother, couches, and cars
Track Name: Itch
Today brings with it an itch
I'm not used to change
but I'm working with it
and you improvise like it's your job

I've had hazy thoughts
and I've had vague ideas
but your sincerity makes up for it all
your truth makes up for every trait I had hoped I would receive

But you're always right
so that makes two of us
and if we are where I hope we are
then, I've never been more right in my life
Track Name: Machu Picchu
Modern stampedes actually know where they're headed
like animals, the stomp looking down
at their watches and phones

I'm headed to a place
that can no longer exist anymore
Because it makes too much sense to those who are listening
but no one is listening

I'll find a home among the rubble
with more to say than these mayhem machines
who create their own problems
and who have solutions
but avoid them to make it through the day

This place talks when it needs to
and it knows when it doesn't.
And it builds itself up
without breaking down.
and you're coming with me
and we'll tessellate like the stones.
Track Name: Desire pt. 2
Witholding empathy in the way that you walk and breathe
life and memory with every breath and footstep
racing on the rooftops
gamble of saying hello
you shook my hand with a lifelong grip

Never leave, never long, never forget
Track Name: Rapture
I am lost on the right path
I am running through the trees
You are stuck at a fork in the road
down on both your knees
Because somewhere in the back of your mind
there's a single on repeat.
It explains to your thought process that you're no good on your feet
you are found by no means because you're never on your feet

You say my time runs into stormy weather,
but I argue what goes up must come down.
You say I need to get my plans together,
but your plans are to make no plans at all.

"There, He is,
I can feel him,
I can be present,
I can be free."

"Then look up."

"I can't look anywhere
With my eyes closed, I can see."

"I am trying,
I've looked everywhere, and I've looked nowhere,
but I'd rather just be me.
I love you, and I love this place,
but I'd rather just be me."